best food processor under 5000 in india

5 Best Food Processor Under 5000 in India in 2023

In our Busy Lifestyle, we all need a multipurpose kitchen gadget that helps to fasten our cooking work. First-of-all, for cooking your meal the process of preparing ingredients with traditional tools is a tedious task. Did you bog down with this time-consuming process? Don’t worry! A Food Processor is here to solve this dilemma! By using a food processor you can simplify tasks such as chopping, slicing, shredding, grating, kneading, mixing, mashing, and pureeing.

food processor under 5000

Many Food Processor comes along with the usage of multipurpose functionality at a high cost. But people are looking for the best and budget-friendly product. Here we compare and review the Food Processor that helps you to choose the best one. Let’s Dive into the review.

Best Food Processor under Rs. 5000:

1. INALSA Food Processor-800W:

inalsa food processor

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One of the amazing budget-friendly Food Processors performs its task in an ideal manner. This Inalsa Food Processor consists of a 100% pure copper 800W motor results in a powerful performance. 2 Speed adjustments are there to speed up the process, in the meantime pulse function is there to boost up the power.

Inalsa Food Processor consists of blade accessories that satisfy the basic Food Processor needs. They are a Chopping blade, kneading blade, whisker, shredder cutter, slicing cutter, and French fry cutter. You will get the perfect end result when comes to the slicing, dicing, and grating process.

1.4ltr main bowl is made up of plastic material and it helps to prepare a large volume of food in one go. Bowl and blades are dishwasher safe so, you can easily clean up the attachments after use.

Child lock safety function and overload protector is considered as the main advantage to avoid accident and injury. The overload protector helps to cut off the power supply if the bowl exceeds its capacity.

The product consists of 2 years of manufacturing warranty. The package consists of a processing bowl, egg whisker, slicer cutter, shredder cutter, French-fry cutter, kneading blade, chopping blade, warranty card, and user manual.

Based on the overall function, the product is worth this price range. Because of their plastic base, you have to handle the product carefully to avoid breakage.

Note: We noticed the burning smell for the first time while running. Don’t worry about that! The smell is due to the motor varnish getting heated for the first time.


  1. Value for money
  2. Child-lock safety function
  3. Overload Indicator
  4. 800W powerful motor
  5. 2 years of manufacturer warranty


  1. Plastic base leads to unexpected breakage
  2. Have to improve its customer service

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2. Wonderchef Nutri-blend Compact Food Processor:

wonderchef food processor

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Wonderchef is one of the popular brands that introduce the compact Food Processor to the market. And this is one of the multipurpose Food processors with different attachments to satisfy the customer needs. This compact Food Processor is suitable for preparing food for a small family.

This attractive Food processor consists of a high-speed motor operating at 22,000 RPM which helps to make your end result in an ideal manner. The main bowl and Jars are made of good quality polycarbonate plastic material to prevent breakage. And the bowl and jars are made up of transparent material helps to ensure the result without opening the lid.

Blades are made up of good quality surgical stainless steel material to process the hardest ingredients. This Food Processor is designed as a unique inverted 100% hands-free operation and there is no more spillage because of its safe screwing lid.

And the product comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty and services all over India. Because of its high-speed motor, the 2-3 minute time interval should be there for every 30sec of the process. If you are running the machine continuously for 60 seconds that lead to overload and damages the motor.

For dry grinding, use the flat 2-wing blade for the best result. Before starting the appliance make sure to fix the jar base tightly with the base machine

The package consists of 1-base machine, 1 food processor, 1-cover lid, 1-big mixer jar (500ml), 1-blending jar (300ml), 1-dry grinding and chutney jar, 1-Wet blending blade for the tall jar and mixer jar, 1-dry grinding and chutney blade for the short jar, 1-seasoning cap, warranty card, and user manual.


  1. Compact food processor suitable for a small family
  2. Equipped with a high-speed powerful motor
  3. 2 years of manufacturing warranty
  4. 3-speed setting to enhance the speed
  5. Dishwasher safe.


  1. Not suitable for a big family.

3. Croma (Crak 1034) 800 watts Food Processor:

croma food processor

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This multi-processing Food Processor performs your kitchen activities much easier. It contains an 800W powerful motor which helps for the smooth cooking process without any delay. And also the 2-speed setting option is there to control the speed of the motor.

Croma Food Processor consists of a 2L main bowl which allows you to prepare your ingredients in one go. And another 1.8 L blending jar is used for making your beverages, Dressings, Desserts, and sauces. The blades are made up of high-quality steel to get a perfect end result.

This multi-function Food Processor can perform the following task such as Shredding, Slicing, Chopping, and emulsifying the different ingredients. And you can also grind the vegetables and meat, beat egg whites, and also you can make fruit juice and citrus juice.

This attractive design enhances your modern kitchen and also makes your dine with delicious cuisines. This Croma Food Processor consists of 2 years of manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase.

At some instances, we forget to lock the lid properly, so, the built-in locking mechanism is here to ensure safety.

What’s in the box? 1-main bowl, 2- blending jars, 1 base unit, 1 citrus juicer attachment, 4- blades for the main bowl, and another 2 blades for the blender jar, warranty card, and user manual.

One who is looking for a classy and budget-friendly product can go for this Croma Crak 1034 800W food processor.


  1. 2-level speed settings
  2. Powerful 800W motor
  3. Jars and bowls are dishwashers safe
  4. 2 years of manufacturing warranty
  5. Built-in lock for safety purposes
  6. Low noise level


  1. It’s hard to fix the chutney jar, the manufacturer should fix the issue ASAP.

4. Philips HR7627/00 650W Food Processor:

Philips food processor

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This is an elegant kitchen gadget from the well-known brand Philips. This Food Processor is Philips’s eco-friendly product hence it lowers the cost, energy consumption, and CO2 emission.

This Food Processor is made up of food-grade ABS plastic material which is sturdy and long-lasting. The high-performance blade discs are made up of good-quality stainless steel material for slicing, chopping, and shredding purpose. Hence, the Powerchop technology is there to chop your remedies with superior performance.

This food processor has a 650W powerful motor and it comes up with 2 levels of speed control. For better results, use the low speed that is speed 1 to get semi-solid or foaming results(like whipping cream, beating an egg, creating pastries, etc..) and use speed 2 to process fruits and vegetables.

2.1L main bowl will process the 5 portions of food in one go. The blades and bowl are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. And it is perfect for making both soft and hard ingredients according to your needs. The lid consists of a wider feeding tube to feed the larger ingredients. So, You can save pre-cutting time.

The base of the machine is padded with non-slip feet to prevent the machine from unexpected slips and injuries while running. And the whole machine comes along with 2 years of manufacturer warranty and also free home service is given to satisfy the customer.

For one who is looking for the best and budget friendly as well as eco-friendly product, this Philips HR7627/00 is recommended to buy. Buying these kinds of long-lasting eco-friendly products will help to reduce environmental impacts by reusing or recycling processes.

The package consists of a 1-base machine, 2.1L processing bowl, Kneading tool, Emulsifying disc, blade unit (s-blade), Chopping knife, fine slicing tool, granulating tool warranty card, and user manual.


  1. Eco-friendly product
  2. 650W powerful motor
  3. Powerchop technology for superior chopping performance
  4. 2 levels of speed setting
  5. 2 years of manufacturer warranty


  1. Recommended to give medium size blade. Hence the fine-chopping results does not suits for each and every remedy.

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5. Rico-Atta Maker Machine 400W Atta Kneader, Food Processor, Citrus Juicer, Vegetable Chopper:

rico food processor

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Rico-Atta maker is a multipurpose kitchen gadget that acts as an atta kneader, and food processor, and also it comes along with a citrus juicer attachment. This food processor will be recommended to small families for meal prep work.

It consists of an unbreakable 800ml main bowl made up of transparent polycarbonate material which kneads 500gm of Atta in fewer minutes. The stainless steel detachable blades are given to process the fruits and vegetables for your cuisines. Blades are sharp enough to prepare your meal.

The Food Processor consists of a 400W copper motor and 2 levels of speed settings are there to prepare your remedies. The low-speed setting (Speed 1) is most commonly used for making pastries, whipping cream, beating eggs, and bread dough. Whereas a High-speed setting(Speed 2) will be used to process your fruits and vegetables.

This food processor comes along with anti-skid feet whereas the base of the machine has vacuum feet to provide grip while running. Hence this feature will prevent unexpected skids and unwanted injuries while processing the food.

A citrus juicer attachment is given as an additional attachment to get energizing citrus juice. 1 year of warranty is given by the manufacturer. Based on its overall capacity this multifunction kitchen gadget will be recommended for small families (2-3 members).

The package consists of a 1-base unit, 1-main bowl, 1-shredder blade, 1-chopper blade, 1-slicer blade, 1-kneader blade, 1- citrus juicer attachment, warranty card, and user manual.


  1. Anti-skid technology to avoid skids while running.
  2. 2 levels of speed settings are there to process the food accordingly.
  3. Cost-effective.
  4. The noise level is low while running.
  5. Accessories are Dishwasher safe.


  1. Lower in Capacity.
  2. The 1-year warranty is not enough for this price range.

Let’s see the common things that you have to consider before buying the Food Processor…

Things to Consider Before Buying a Food Processor:


Food processor comes along with various attachments, so it is important to choose the food processor with desired attachments for key food prep. The common attachments that a Food Processor consist of a Grating Blade, Shredding and Slicing Blade, Dough Blade, Atta Kneader, Blender, Whisker, Citrus Juicer, Mini bowl, Dry grinder bowl, and Chutney bowl.


Make sure the blades are made of good quality food-grade material. Each and every blade should be made up of 304 stainless steel material and non-corrosive for a longer time.


The strong and sturdy motor helps to perform the cooking task effectively. For daily usage 500W to 700W motor power is enough to perform the basic tasks.

Feed Tube:

The Feed tube is located on the food processor Lid. And it is used to feed the ingredients and push them down using a pusher while running. We recommend choosing a 3in1 Pusher which is large, medium, and small to perform tasks effectively. Make sure the lid is made of good quality food-grade plastic material.

Bowl Capacity:

A bowl capacity is basically measured in cups that are 6-9 cups for a small bowl, 10-13 cups for a medium bowl, and 14-16 cups for a larger one. Make sure to choose a suitable bowl that capable of making smaller to large quantities of ingredients as you want. Hence, professional chefs are preferred to choose the larger one but the medium size bowl is enough for small families.

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Nowadays, food processor comes along with elegant design. Choose the best one that suits your kitchen and is based on your needs. On the other hand, some attractive Food Processor does not consist of that much quality. Hence, make sure to check their quality before choosing an attractive food processor.


Many branded Food Processor was introduced in the market. Make sure to compare the quality and price of the Products. Do not compromise with quality anymore. Make worth your every penny.


Quality Always Matters! Before buying a product, do research on the quality of each and every part of the gadget. Hence, some of the non-branded gadgets are easily compromising quality in some parts.

Above are the common things that you have to consider before buying the Food Processor.

General Note:

  1. While kneading Atta in your Food Processor You should take flour and water in a 1:2 ratio.
  2. Before switching on the machine ensure the Lid of the Food Processor is properly covered.
  3. It’s important to clean the blades and bowls after every use.
  4. Before buying a product make sure your machine is equipped with Anti-skid technology and an overload indicator.
  5. Make sure to fix the blades in the desired shaft.


Hurry! Get a food processor and savour your flavour! In a busy schedule, people will pre-cut the vegetables and store them in the refrigerator. But they are not healthy enough to serve. Hence, the food processor will simplify this tedious job and you can serve fresh foods to your loved ones. Nowadays, most people are looking for the best and budget-friendly product. By keeping this in a mind we are here to help you to choose the less expensive food processors. You can choose the best one according to your needs.  Food Processor! perfect assistance to try out new recipes at your home.

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