How to Use a Food Processor

How to Use a Food Processor? (A Detailed Guide)

Are you ready to slice and dice? Then here you have a magic tool – “The Food Processor”

Have you ever thought of having a versatile tool in your kitchen, where you can chop, slice, dice, knead, and puree? You are never late if you are unaware of this equipment known as a food processor. Do not fret if you are unaware of using the food processor. There is a better chance your handy appliance is sitting around underutilized. Let us check into the accomplishments that can be carried out while using a Food Processor.

How can we assemble a food processor?

Ensure cleanliness before you use any tool. Before you start using your food processor, make sure all the parts are clean and properly assembled. Most food processors are designed with an electric base, a plastic work bowl, a blade shaft, multiple blades, a work bowl lid, a feed tube, and a plunger.

Now let us get into the process:

  1. The work bowl must be placed into the base. The unit must be unplugged, fit the work bowl onto the electrical base, and ensure it’s attached.
  2. Make sure that you fix the blade adapter properly. The vertical blade adapter must be attached right to the appliance and attached to the center of the work bowl.
  3. The appropriate blade or accessory must be attached properly. In order to do dicing, chopping, and pureeing, you should attach the standard S-blade that comes with your appliance. For the kneading dough, attach the soft dough accessory. For slicing or shredding, attach the round slicing blade that is attached at the top of the work bowl.
  4. Make sure you attach the work bowl lid. In order to prevent food from sloshing and to ensure safety, you should attach the lid to your work bowl before mixing anything. Add ingredients directly into the work bowl before putting the lid on, or add ingredients using the feed tube, it depends on the recipe.
  5. Once you assemble your food processor properly, plug it in and start using it. Now you can get on to cooking. Make sure to unplug the appliance before cleaning or changing the blade while the work bowl is in place.

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How do I choose the size of a food processor?

A standard food processor consists of a work bowl with a capacity between 2 and 14 cups — It is better to choose larger models between 12 and 14 cups to attain the most versatility. There is an s-shaped blade that is placed in the bottom of the bowl, and the blade can be plain-edged or jagged: the plain edge signifies clean cuts and it is better for chopping meat and vegetables, while the jagged one can puree and it will work well with nut butter and frozen ingredients.

The pace of the food processor is almost the same and can function from low to high-level settings. The highest setting mode works well with smooth purees and working through tough ingredients, while the low setting mode is good for processing tender ingredients.

You may also find a setting called pulse setting which is great for incrementally chopping food and controlling the blade moreover, it limits your risk of over-processing. It’s also great for getting an even chop: Note: (If you can’t find the pulse setting in your appliance, you can set it manually.)

Additional features:

In addition to the basic s-blade, most advanced processors come with slicing and chopping discs, dough blades, dicing attachments, and other functionalities.

The pace of switching blades and discs differs. There will also be a variation in the functioning of the pulse. It allows you to have more control over your ingredients and get the most out of your appliance.  There is a gentle reminder to handle your blades with utmost care.

Use of food processor- an overview

A food processor is a versatile kitchen appliance much more than just dicing vegetables. Here are some everyday kitchen tasks your processor can handle with ease.

Grating cheese. You may use micro planes and handheld graters for adding some cheese to the top of a dish, but if you wish to have tasty pasta with grated cheese, you may have to go for a quicker option. You just have to cut your wedge into 1-inch chunks and blitz them in your food processor with the standard blade, your cheese pasta is ready to serve and eat.

Kneading dough. The dough attachment attached to your food processor can make your work quicker, it works with kneading bread or pizza dough, as well as pies. A standard blade is used here to make a crumbly crust for something like cheesecake.

Refining herbs. Standard food processor blades help in mincing herbs like parsley, cilantro, and basil without much of the risk that you have with a knife.

Whipping up dressings and dips. The food processors are designed with specific chutes or holes in the feed tube that are perfect for slowly incorporating oil into the work bowl, which is vital for preparing mayonnaise or creamy Caesar salad dressing. Who will deny having chimichurri dips and sauces?

Mixing up of cookies and light batter. If you feel like having a simple cookie recipe, with a small amount of butter and flour, then you can definitely rely on the food processor.

Points to ponder while using a food processor

Always choose a food processor with versatility and a good life span. Never run into chaos and make a wrong choice!

  • Take proper care while throwing in whole hard vegetables. Before you chop the food make sure you properly cut uncooked meat and hard vegetables like carrots and potatoes— into 1–2-inch pieces for more even processing. Freeze soft meats and cheeses for 20 minutes before adding them to the processor for better results.
  • Never ignore the pulse button.
  • Do not Apply too much pressure.
  • While slicing vegetables and meats, pack the ingredients snugly into the feed tube and then press it lightly with the pusher to get better slices.
  • Turn your food processor into a blender
  • Never leave your consciousness while working with a food processor- it might cause great damage to the appliance!

What are you waiting for? Go and grab your food processor now!! Have a safe and joyous cooking!!

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