How To Maximize Your Food Processor For Better Results?

How To Maximize Your Food Processor For Better Results?

Apart from proper utensils, storage, and ingredients, it is important that a food processor adorns your kitchen. It is one of the boons of kitchenware, it saves time, and effort, and contributes to making tiring recipes easy for you.

Food processors are kitchen workhorses that slice, chop, shred, and mix different ingredients faster than your efforts with a knife and chopping board! Food processor models today can knead the entire dough with efficiency and grind soft to hard materials right from potatoes to meat. These are life savers when guests come over or try out extensively long recipes.

If you are a new mother, it is one of the most essential things to have as it easily prepares wholesome baby meals for toddlers and infants. However, electrical kitchen appliances often need to be maintained and maximized for efficient results.

Don’t know how? This blog is here to tell you how to maximize your food processor for better results.

It is very simple to use a food processor, given you follow certain rules and tips to get the best results which also consist of regular cleaning of the food processor.

How To Maximize Your Food Processor For Better Results?

Make Use Of The Pulse Button:

When you use the pulse button while using the food processor, you will get better results. The pulse button is a boon for roughly chopping ingredients. All you have to do is lock the lid, press the pulse button, and start chopping. If your food processor doesn’t have an automatic pulse feature, just press the ‘on’ button on an intermittent basis which means you switch between on and off for a few moments which gives a better churning momentum as compared to constantly using the food processor ingredient after ingredient.

Avoid Applying Too Much Pressure:

A food processor is a machine and machines know their job. Applying additional pressure won’t make the food processor work faster or with enhanced efficiency. Hence, in order to maximize your food processor just use uniform pressure to get even results and press gently to get even slices or shredding results.

Don’t Introduce Hot Ingredients Directly:

Hot raw materials like puree and stock are not your food processor’s best friend.  Avoid using hot ingredients and liquids right into the food processor. When introducing hot stock or purees, make sure you let them cool for a while, or else it will damage the food processor and risk whoever is standing next to it by inducing a spill or leak.

Cut The Food Before You Chop It In The Processor:

Food processors are to aid convenience in the kitchen but throwing whole vegetables into the processor will reduce its life and efficiency in the long run. To maximize your food processor for better results, cut vegetables or meat-like ingredients into one to two-inch pieces, and if using cheese let it freeze for some time before putting it into the food processor for amazing results.

Choose The Right-Sized Food Processor Bowl:

Food processors come with various attachments, bowls being one of them. Hence, it is important to use the right-sized bowl that fits the processing job at hand. If you’re looking to slice and dice huge quantities, divide it into small batches and when preparing soup, avoid overfilling the bowl.

Take Precautions With The Blades:

Blades come into perspective before and after you use the food processor. For the before part; set the blade in the bowl and make sure that the bowl is fitted properly before adding the ingredients. Not setting the blade properly can cause your food processor to break.

 Now for the after part; once you’re done using your food processor remove the blades carefully. Clean and rinse the blades with warm water and soap to ensure that no food leftovers like dough are stuck to them. Same with the bowl, make sure you wash the bowl nicely and soak it in hot water before scrubbing food off it. Not cleaning the blades and bowls properly can make them dull and inefficient over time.

Processing this blog to a conclusion; following these 5 easy tips will make sure you maximize your food processor for better results. Take care of additional tips like keeping other utensils and your hands away from the food processor especially when it is in use.

Happy food processing, happy cooking!

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