How to Shred Vegetables in Food Processor?

How to Shred Vegetables in Food Processor?

In this busy world, every working mother will be looking for time-saving kitchen appliances. They will also concentrate on preparing healthy breakfast and lunch. Here, the food processor will help to minimize their time and they can easily shred, grate, chop, and slices vegetables in a few seconds. This may result in making healthy and different kinds of foods by saving time and energy.

How to Shred Vegetables in Food Processor?

How to shred vegetables in a food processor:

1. Food processor assembling:

Firstly, you have to assemble your food processor in the right way. Here are some tips for assembling food processor blades for shredding vegetables.

  • For shredding vegetables, you have to clean the shredding disc, work bowl, and Lid
  • Place the bowl on the top of the plastic\electric base; make sure the unit is unplugged.
  • Insert the blade adapter as mentioned in the user manual.
  • Place the shredding disc on the top of the bowl with the blades facing up.
  • To prevent vegetables from splattering, attach the lid before starting the process.
  • Plug in the unit and start the shredding process once the unit is assembled as mentioned in the user manual.

2. Shredding process:

The vegetables like cabbage, carrot, beetroot, potatoes, zucchini, apple, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, mushrooms, and radishes take much more time to shred manually in a box grater or hand grater. Hence, it becomes easier while using a food processor.

Here are some tips to shred vegetables using a food processor:

  • Before shredding the vegetables you have to wash them thoroughly.
  • Peel your vegetables if it is necessary.
  • Cut the vegetables that fit with your food processor feed tube.
  • If it is a leafy vegetable attach the slicing disc to your food processor otherwise, place the shredding disc for hard vegetables.
  • Then feed and chute the vegetables in your food processor while running.

For example, we have taken the cabbage shredding process by using the above steps.

Shredded cabbage is mostly used for making Indian food items like salads, subzi, starters, snacks, chat, and curries recipes, and a lot more.

Let’s see how to shred them using a food processor.

Step 1: Wash your cabbage

Wash the cabbage thoroughly using vegetable disinfectant in lukewarm water.

Step 2: Cut them appropriately

By using a knife, cut the cabbage through the stem into two equal sections. Remove its stem\core where all the leaves attach by using the sharp tip of the knife. Then chop the cabbage into wedges that can be fed into your food processor. Make sure that they are small enough to place in the feed tube of the food processor. Hence, it results in fine shreds.

Step 3: Attach the appropriate Blade

Every food processor comes along with different kinds of blade discs. You have to find the shredding disc for shredding purposes. Insert the shredding\slicing disc on the drive shaft adaptor at the top of the work bowl. Make sure to place the raised grater mark of the disc to be facing up. Assembling of the slicing disc may vary from model to model so, refer to the user manual to assemble the slicing disc.

Step 4: Cover the food processor with the lid

After inserting the slicing disc, cover the food processor with the Lid to shred and avoid splattering of the cabbage. The lid consists of two in one feed tube to feed vegetables into the food processor.

Step 5: Shred the Cabbage

Feed the cabbage wedges into the feed tube and then press down with the plunger. Hit the on or pulse button while holding down the plunger to start the process. Repeat the process with the remaining cabbage wedges. As a result, the fine shreds are collected in the work bowl.

Now, it’s ready to make a great recipe like coleslaw, soup, subzi, and salad.

How to Shred Vegetables in Food Processor?

Can you Shred cabbage without using Food Processor?

Fortunately Yes! You can shred cabbage using a knife, mandolin, and vegetable peeler. But they all require more time and effort and have more chances for injury while shredding. Using a food processor will save time and energy at the same time it will give a better result than we did manually. And also food processor is considered as a safe appliance to avoid injury while shredding.

Suggestions: Some of the interesting Food items you have to try using a food processor

  • Entertaining foods like salads, soups, desserts, sauces, and dips
  • Snacks for kids like sweet treats, smoothies, milkshakes, potato chips
  • Make pizza and pasta dough using a dough blade
  • Homemade cakes for a delicious treat
  • Sugar cookies for cookies lover


Bottom Line:

Upgrade your Kitchen! A Food Processor is one of the multipurpose appliances that fulfill your modular kitchen. However, it saves time and effort while preparing vegetables for cooking purposes. Shredded vegetables are most commonly used in trending traditional food items in our day-to-day life. For shredding purposes, you can choose the food processor as an efficient appliance. Hence, every kitchen needs this kind of appliance to simplify the cooking work.

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