How to store food processor blades

How to Store Food Processor Blades?

A great food processor is every individual’s desire. You cannot imagine a kitchen without a food processor in modern times. The food processor helps with all your tasks. It is an indispensable part of the cooking process. You could be grating, chopping, blending, grinding, or kneading. And you could be trying your hands at baking a cake for loved ones.

You depend on food processors for modest tasks to complex ones. Now the blades of the food processor are important. You have to handle the food processor and its blades with care. Corroded blades or broken ones can damage the motor of the food processor.

The lifespan of these gadgets depends on proper use. You should understand the methods to store and maintain the blades. A food processor or even one of those small bowls that fit on a stick blender is a real treasure. No that is not an overstatement. This is a quote by writer Yotam Ottolenghi. The food lovers and cooks, this is a well-known fact.

How to store food processor blades?

Here are some conventional ways to store food processor blades safely. proper cleaning and storing of the parts of the food processor to increase the life span. Arrange them on the shelf of the stand. Use a magnetic knife strip. Just stack them up in a container. Place them in a plastic portable storage organizer. Get a food processor cover with storage pockets.

All the above-mentioned ways are for comfort and convenience. The storage arrangements must be in sync with the space. A well-organized kitchen gives an aesthetic sense. It also helps the kitchen look neat. Now let’s discuss each point in brief.

1. Place the blades of a food processor in the drawer of the kitchen cabinet

One drawer should be used entirely for blades. One drawer can manage all your blades. This will be convenient. Every time you use a particular blade, clean it and put it right away in the drawer. This practice will save you time.

2. Store the blades of a food processor on the shelf of the stand

The stand can be placed on your right or left side. The stand will also hold most of the utensils. Remember the blades should be within your reach. Once you are done with work, put the blades back on the shelf

3. Use a magnetic knife strip to store the blades

These strips are available online. They are also multi-purpose. And they hold the blades of the food processor firmly.  These are convenient to use. They can be used to place your keys.

4. Just stack the blades in a container

This method is also helpful. If the kitchen is small, then use containers. The blades can be stacked one over the other. Make sure the blades are dry Next stack them after use. A single container is enough to hold all your food processor blades.

5. Store the blades in a plastic storage organizer with a handle

This plastic storage is easily available. They can be placed anywhere. The plastic storages look trendy. They are portable. They serve multi-purposes. There are special storage accessories also. They might cost a little more but it’s elegant. Many utensil accessories are also available online. Here you can place the blades and other items safely.

6. Use a food processor cover with the storage facility

Once you are done with your chores you can cover the food processor. The storage packets can hold from 7 to 12 units easily. You can vertically place the knives in it.

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Some tips to follow before storing the blades of a food processor

After using the food processor, the blades have to be cleaned with water. Never let food particles get stuck in the blade for a long time. Dried particles make cleaning difficult. The blades should be wiped clean with a dry cloth. The blades should be stored in a clean and dry place. And the blades should never be exposed to direct sunlight. Over some time, the blades get blunt. As it is made of steel constant wear and tear makes it blunt. You have to replace the blunt blades with new ones.

How to clean the blades of a food processor?

Never use a strong detergent for cleaning. It will cause more harm than good. Use simple ways to clean blades. Take some lukewarm water and add baking soda to it. Immerse the blades in the water. Leave it for a minimum of 10 minutes. Remove from the water and rinse and wipe it with a dry cloth. Never use a damp cloth for wiping. This will cause the blades to rust. Store the blades in storage after cleaning.


Many brands of food processors are available at competitive prices. Each processor comes with unique features.

The blades may vary in size and quality. When investing in a food processor, buy quality products. This will be good. A  food processor has a lifespan of 7 to 10 years. It all depends on the proper use and proper maintenance of parts of the appliance.

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What is the difference between a blender and a food processor?

Blender has a single blade with a long jar for wet purposes. Food processors have multiple blades for multiple purposes.

Can you use a food processor for the dough?

The fast movements of the blade make soft dough within minutes. This will make roti puffy.

What is the importance of cleaning food processors?

Cleaning a food processor prolongs the life span of the appliance and keeps the blade in good condition

Why does my food processor smell?

The blades of the food processor become dull and the motor heats up. This results in a burning or electrical smell.

How to fix an overheating food processor?

Unplug the food processor and let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes to cool completely.

How do you keep food processor blades sharp?

Regular cleaning can prolong the lifespan of the blades of food processors.

Can we use salt to sharpen the blades of the food processor?

Rock salt is best to clean and sharpen food processor blades.

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