Food processor vs Blender: Which one should you have in your kitchen?

If you love to have home-cooked food most of the time, or if you are just starting with your clean eating journey, then you should have quality appliances in your kitchen. Especially, a food processor and a blender.

In this post, we are going to have a closer look at Food Processor vs Blender: the differences, when to use a food processor, and when to use a blender. In other words, what cooking tasks a food processor and a blender can handle efficiently? We are also gonna have a look at the things you should look for when you want to purchase either a food processor or a blender.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Food processor vs blender: which one should you have in your kitchen?

Food processor vs blender: the differences


A quality blender is particularly good in dealing with liquids. This kitchen appliance is widely used for creating things like smoothies and protein shakes.

Of course, there are certain blenders that can handle the tasks meant for food processors effectively and vice versa. But most of the time, a blender is used for producing liquid mixtures.

A blender’s primary job is to blend everything that’s put into it and create a delicious mixture. Some powerful blenders will even crush ice and make ice cream and nut butter, but it won’t be able to handle all the tasks that a food processor can.

To put it in simple words, a blender is built with features that are ideal to make soups, purees, and smoothies. Some blenders will include easy-to-pour reservoirs, and others will have a fill-in cylinder that you can use to whip up your favorite liquid mixtures.

Food processor

A quality food processor is used for more intensive cooking tasks such as chopping, slicing, grinding, mixing, shredding, and making dough. Usually, food processors will have wide mixing bowls that help you to mix various ingredients and also they come equipped with different attachments, giving you the ability to perform several intensive cooking tasks.

Some food processors even have certain attachments that’ll help you to remove sticky dough or unruly food from inside the bowl.

A food processor’s primary work is to make your food prep work a lot simpler. As we’ve mentioned above, you can use a food processor for all of your high-performing tasks in your kitchen.

Food processors are particularly good at mixing drier ingredients to make solid food. If you usually prepare your meals in advance, then a food processor is the right kitchen appliance for you.

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When to use a food processor vs blender

In the whole host of kitchen appliances, a food processor and a blender take the top positions of the important equipment spot. Although these two share many similarities, each one is used for different purposes.

Sure, they are motorized and designed to mix ingredients together to create delicious food, but it’s critical that you should know when to use a food processor and a blender. And that’s what we are going to learn in this section.

Certain foods can be prepared using either of this equipment, yet food processors and blenders have structural differences to make them each uniquely suited to different food preparation tasks.

A food processor can be specifically used for preparing solid food such as Pie And Biscuit Dough. Solid dough required to prepare bread, pie crusts, and biscuits achieve their sturdy texture thanks to the sharp blades of a food processor.

With sharp blades and a powerful motor, a food processor prepares pie dough and biscuit dough easily by mixing the ingredients quickly and efficiently. Making pasta dough in a food processor simplifies the process and saves you a lot of time.

It enables you to prepare a super fresh pasta dough every time you make one, significantly cutting down the prep time, and allowing you to maintain a consistent texture in the end product. By using a food processor, you’ll be able to achieve great consistency at all times in every food you make.

So if you need any food in large quantity that involves chopping, slicing, grinding, shredding, and making dough, then you can surely go for a food processor.

On the other hand, a blender can be used for making Cocktails, Smoothies, Sauces, and soups. When you are mixing liquid ingredients to make a smooth, luxurious beverage, sauce, or soup, then a blender is your best buddy.

In simple words, a blender is really good for preparing liquid food. The blades of a blender aren’t too sharp and the pitcher is deep. What it means is that it directs everything that needs to be mixed to the blades at the bottom, and it’s less likely to overflow.

The powerful motor mixes the ingredients and creates a silky smooth liquid food. A blender is capable of mixing any number of delicious sauces to prepare quality liquid food that is consistent in texture. If you have a really good blender with a powerful motor, then you can even prepare quality brunch items in no time.

You can also whip up a wonderful puree that satisfies your taste buds for sure. A high-quality blender will aerate the mixture and it’ll result in a silky texture with an indulgent mouthfeel.

Using a blender gives [the purees] a mayo-like consistency without all the unnecessary calories. The motor speed of a blender also contributes to this tool’s ability to finely process fruits and vegetables.

Overall, if you prepare quality liquid food most of the time and you always love to have a silky smooth texture, then you can definitely go for a blender.

Things to Look for in a food processor

Here’s a list of things you should look for when you want to purchase a food processor.

  • Bowl capacity.
  • Blade quality.
  • Wattage capacity.
  • Quality body construction.

Things to look for in a blender

Here’s a list of things you should look for when you want to purchase a blender.

  • Size of the blender.
  • Speed and power.
  • Different attachments.
  • Price of the blender.
  • Outer body construction.


We hope that we are able to give you a clear overview of a food processor vs blender.

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