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All you need to know about Commercial Food Processor

For busy Restaurants, the timely delivery of food is one of the important aspects of customer satisfaction. Here the Commercial Food Processor plays a vital role in cutting, slicing, dicing, saucing, pureeing, and whipping. Your chefs can proceed with their meal prep work in an ideal and time-saving manner with this commercial Food Processor.

Food Processor provides faster results when compared to kitchen cutlery and knife. And its shredding, slicing, chopping, and dicing results will be perfect in size and shape. For commercial purposes, you have to choose the best one to perform well and good with each and every task.

Commercial Food Processor consists of different types. Choose the best one that suits your business. They are explained below.

Types of Commercial Food Processors

1. Batch-Bowl Food Processor:

Batch-Bowl food processor is similar to domestic Food processors and you can also use them for business purpose. The only thing is that you have to choose the bowl capacity according to your need. Batch-Bowl food processor is compact and you can use them for small businesses like juice shops, mini food courts, etc…

2. Continuous Feed Food Processor:

If you want to prepare large ingredients, you can choose a continuous-feed food processor. You can continuously slice, dice, shred and grate different kinds of ingredients from fruits and nuts to vegetables. Especially, this continuous feed machine will be useful for restaurants and large food processing businesses. You can feed the food items continuously without stopping the machine. The machine not only reduces labour costs but also reduces the time to process ingredients for your meal prep job.

3. Combination Food Processor

The combination of both batch bowl and continuous feed food processor refers to the hybrid type or Combination Food Processor. This means the Food processor consists of the same motor base with an interchangeable feeding unit. If you need to prepare a small number of ingredients then you can go with the Batch-bowl Food Processor attachment. Or else it’s your time to prepare a large volume of ingredients; you can switch over to a continuous-feed Food Processor and vice versa. Combination Food Processor is most widely used for multipurpose kitchen work.

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Features of Commercial Food Processor

1. Food Processor Motor

The motor is the heart of every Food Processor, hence, you have to choose them carefully before buying the Food Processor. You have to choose the motor power depending on your need. If your business needs tend to use hard ingredients continuously in the sense, you have to choose a heavy-duty motor. But the low-power motor is enough if you don’t want to use hard ingredients. Basically, three types of motor power for the commercial food processor is introduced in the market. They are,

  1. Light-duty Processor: It stands alone between ½ to 1 ½ HP. Normally, you can use less amount of ingredients but it performs well and good in continuous feeding.
  2. Medium-duty Processor: It stands alone between 1 ½ to 2 ½ HP. Medium-duty processors will help to process the larger quantity of food items with continuous loading. You can use them in restaurants and other business requirements.
  3. Heavy-duty Processor: This model stands alone between 3 to 5 HP. It will be useful to process the massive quantity of food items for the places like hospitals, hostels, army barracks, etc…

2. Main Bowl

The commercial batch bowl food processor consists of a main bowl, which process the required quantity of ingredients depending on its size. Choosing the right size of bowl according to our needs is still challenging. You have to stop the machine when it completes the process and transfer it into the storage bowl to process the next set of ingredients.

Most Food Processor consists of a transparent polycarbonate bowl to watch out the process. Usually, it has unbreakable and scratch-resistance properties. The lid-locking system prevents the splattering of food. If you are using a Batch-bowl Food processor, the important tip for you is, to buy a spare bowl for time-saving purposes.

3. Feeding Tube and Pusher

This feeding tube helps you to feed the ingredients into the food processor and push them by using a pusher. It also comes with a 3 in 1 feeding tube, you can use them based on the size of your ingredients. Or else you can choose the wider tube to process a larger amount of ingredients.

4. Accessories

Every commercial Food Processor comes along with various accessories like Blades, dough knives, shredding discs, slicing discs, julienne discs, dicing discs, whipping discs, and so on. Choose the food processor with the right accessories according to your business need.

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Things to consider before buying a commercial Food Processor

1. Speed

The speed of the Food Processor depends upon the HP of the motor. You can choose the related speed in RPM according to your business need. You can process larger and bulk quantities of food with a heavy-duty Processor as soon as possible.

Food Processors are designed with variable speed settings likely 2-speed settings. Better to choose them at the right conditions.

2. Size

Before buying a product, make sure its size is well suitable for your kitchen setup. Generally, commercial food processor comes in various sizes, check whether it is capable to prepare the required amount of ingredient for your business.

3. Capacity

Another important thing is bowl capacity. Choosing the capable bowl for your business is a tedious task. You have to overcome and get the best one by researching as many products as possible.

4. Price

Price is one of the important factors that affect consumers to get the best one. Whatever the price may be, have to check whether it is good in quality and worth it. So, before buying a product don’t compromise on quality and choose the best one according to your budget.

5. Warranty

Check out the warranty card before buying a product. Minimum 2 years of warranty should be there for each and every Food Processor.

General Tips:

  • After using the food processor, clean them accordingly. Make sure your food processor accessories are dishwasher-safe
  • Clean the non-detachable parts by the clothes to remove dust and grease
  • Make sure the food feeding quantity, because overload affects the motor efficiency
  • Feed the ingredient by using the pusher, instead of your hands to avoid injuries.
  • Ensure that your food processor consists of anti-skid technology to avoid slipping

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Final Words

Every commercial Food-based business needs a Commercial Food processor to make the kitchen work as faster and easier. The best time and energy-saving equipment for a commercial business. Make sure to choose the best one according to your requirements.

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